Frequent questions about adhesive labels and sleeve

A self-adhesive label is made of paper or film while the sleeve is a shrink film.

The sleeves adapt to any form that the packaging has and can cover the 360º of it, however the label can not be adapted to any shape.

The basic information we need to make a budget is the following:

Adhesive Labels:

  • Tell us you need a label
  • Number of labels
  • Measures and shape of the label
  • Material in which you need the labels (if you are not sure you can tell us what the label is for and we will advise you which material is the most suitable for it).
  • Number of colours printed on the label
  • Finishes that you want to include on the label


  • Tell us you need a sleeve
  • Number of sleeves
  • Measures and shape of the sleeve
  • Material in which you need the sleeve (if you are not sure you can tell us what the sleeve is for and we will advise you which material is the most suitable for it).
  • If you need them unitary or in rolls
  • Number of colours printed on the sleeve

You can do it yourself with a design program, but you can also ask us to design the label for you.

If you need us to do the design or an adaptation of one that you already have, please contact us at +34 976 570 032 or by email at

The self-adhesive material consists of 3 important parts:

    1. Front: is the material on which the printing of your labels will go. There are countless types of material. Here, we indicate the most common: coated, is a paper with semi-gloss appearance, and Coated Matt, if you’re looking for a matt finish. For reprinting labels without using ribbon, you need thermal paper. If you need more information about materials you can check our blog, call us at +34 976 570 032 or send us an email to
    2. Adhesive: is the part by which the label and the product are joined, the “glue” that joins them (see question: What type of adhesive do my labels need?)
    3. Support: the type of paper support is not important unless you have large productions and automatic labelling, if so, call us at +34 976 570 032 or send us an email to we will advise you which is the most suitable for your application.

The most common adhesives we work with are:

  • Permanent adhesive: it is the most used since it is suitable for most surfaces due to its strong adhesion, as long as they do not require special technical characteristics. Within this group we differentiate:
    • Oenologial permanent: special for champagne, white or rosé wines as it resists humidity, low temperatures and wetting in a bucket for a while without peeling off.
    • Transparent permanent: recommended for labels made of transparent material since it does not deteriorate with sunlight or heat and is more transparent than usual adhesives.
  • Superpermanent: it has a rubber surface, specific for difficult or demanding labeling conditions. Great adhesion * and cohesion **. It is specific for difficult surfaces, either by the material where it adheres or by the conditions in which it is found (dust, humidity, soil …).
  • Removable: material used when it is needed that when removing the label there is no residue on the surface where the label has been stuck.
  • Special for frozen: it resists humidity and temperatures of up to -35º. These are the most common, but not the only ones, there are adhesives for almost any use that we want to give to the label. For more information, contact us.

* Adhesion: is the quality of joining and keeping together two equal or different surfaces when they come into contact.

** Cohesion: is the internal strength of the adhesive, that is, the union between the label material and the adhesive.

With the current machines, you can make any type of order from 10 labels or sleeves. But it is important to keep in mind that for very small manufacturing it is better to ask for more labels since the final price is practically the same.

There is no minimum measure for the label. The maximum width measurement is 320 mm., there is no maximum length.

The shape of a label is given by the die used, so the labels can be manufactured with the shape you propose.

You can put as many colors as you want.

The printing system is not important since any of our systems will give you the best printing guarantees. We choose it based on the type of work and to make it the most economical for the client.

No problem.

There are many possibilities: security materials, invisible inks, microtexts, holographs, watermarks … Some of the techniques do not affect the design and others may even enhance it.

The standard is 10 days from the approval of the client.

Labels are budgeted with shipping costs included unless otherwise indicated.