Sleeve, mark the difference with a stunning image

The sleeve is a plastic film of great resistance and retraction that allows decorating packaging in 360º, whatever their shape or material.

This system can cover all or partially, providing a stunning visual effect and guaranteeing its inviolability.

It allows more space to specify the characteristics of the product, or create a more special packaging design that differentiates the brand from others.


Solutions according to type of sleeve

Create a great visual impact with the impression of your packaing in 360º and differentiate yourself from the competition

Perfect for adding promotional gifts, creating offers or packs with more than one product

It assures that the product has not been manipulated after its manufacture or before its consumption.

Frequent questions

You can do it yourself with a design program, but you can also ask us to do it for you.

If you need us to do the design or an adaptation of one that you already have, please contact us at 976 570 032 or by email at

A self-adhesive label is made of paper or film while the sleeve is a shrink film.
The sleeves adapt to any form that the packaging has and can cover the 360º of it, however the label can not be adapted to any shape.

The basic information we need to make a budget is the following:

  • Tell us you need a sleeve
  • Number of sleeves
  • Measures and shape of the sleeve
  • Material in which you need the sleeve (if you are not sure you can tell us what the sleeve is for and we will advise you which material is the most suitable for it).
  • If you need them unitary or in rolls
  • Number of colours printed on the sleeve

You can put as many colors as you want.

The standard is 10 days from the approval of the client.

Normally, the sleeves are budgeted shipping costs included unless otherwise indicated.