The industry usually does not need a striking image, but it is very important the quality and reliability of the product so that the productive processes are completely efficient.

In Graphics Z we can help you choose the most suitable material for your needs, as well as the optimal presentation form to streamline your production processes.

The control of your warehouses is also important so we can offer you solutions that adapt to your needs, being able to incorporate RFID or NFC labels.

You can ensure the authenticity and inviolability of your products thanks to our labels.

VOID labels, for example, that leave an indicator message when peeling off, a message that is not visible while the label remains stuck. It is impossible to reattach the label to leave it in the way it was before its manipulation. We can customize the text and the colour of the material to adapt it to the needs of each customer.

Highly demanded in the industry are also the ultra-destructible labels, made of fragile materials that break easily.
Another option is the indestructible labels, made of materials that, combined with a very strong adhesive, break easily if someone tries to manipulate them, being impossible to take off the label quickly and without trace.