Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) is raising an increasing interest within the companies.This system consists of a label equipped with a programmable identification chip and an antenna, which allows it to be inserted in a wide variety of supports, and even in conventional labels, so that any article can be identified remotely using a reader.  The data obtained by the reader would be transferred to a database for further processing.

This reading is unequivocal for each article, it does not require visual contact and it is multitasking, that is, it allows the reading of several articles at the same time; other advantages over existing methods would be: speed, greater precision, increased amount of information managed, greater versatility of use, etc.

These labels are especially useful in studies related to the supply chain (traceability of packaging and containers), as well as for mass consumer goods, in order to track each product from its production to its consumption; other applications of the RFID labels would be: stock control, merchandise movement control, detection, anti-theft, access controls…